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Metal roof sheets can be damaged by roof rust , environmental factors, wear and tear etc. The degree of rust or damage will determine the whether the roof sheets need repairs and maintenance or replacement.

We will perform a full inspection and evaluation of your roof and provide you with a detailed quote containing customised specifications and the exact correct fix for your roof.

Rusted roof sheets that do not require replacement will require repairs and maintenance and this often includes replacement of old screws, waterproofing and other roof components, roof rust treatment and painting of the roof. We expertly and carefully treat the roof rust, correctly prepare the roof and then apply the protective paint coating to the roof. (click to read more on roof painting).

If the roof sheeting is damaged beyond repair they will need to be replaced. Replacement of the existing damaged roof sheeting will require removal of the damaged sheets from the roof and replacement with new roof sheets.

All roofing products used on our projects are top quality products supplied by reputable suppliers.

Roofing Sheeting

Replacement of roof sheets over entire roof

Roof Sheeting

Full roof replacement including gutters, roof sheeting and roof painting.

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