Quality Fix Roofing is a specialized roofing company with over 20 years experience providing top quality industrial and commercial roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof restoration.

The lifespan of a roof is greatly dependant on its maintenance.  Without the correct maintenance, the roof’s lifespan will shorten exponentially.  Correct maintenance may require repairs, maintenance or replacement of roof components such as, roof sheets, screws, skylights, gutters, bullnosing, flashings, insulation, waterproofing etc. It may also require  treatment of roof rust and painting/coating of the roof sheets. With the correct ongoing maintenance plan, the life span of the roof is dramatically increased and the roof will be preserved indefinitely. (read more- FAQ- why should I maintain my roof ?)

We will perform a full inspection and evaluation of your roof and provide you with a detailed quote containing customised specifications (some of which include *C.S.I.R. and S.A.B.S. advices and recommendations) to repair, maintain and restore your roof. This specification will handle any immediate problems you have with your roof and also maintain and restore it so that your roof’s life extended, thereby maximising the return on your property investment and saving you money by avoiding hefty roof replacement costs.

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Professional roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof restoration.

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