Quality Fix Roofing is a specialized Roof Repair Services company with over 20 years experience providing top quality industrial and commercial roof maintenance, roof repairs, roof restoration and roof painting. Roof repair services include:

Roof Repair Services

Repairs & maintenance

Roof maintenance, roof repairs and roof restoration


Roof sheet maintenance, repairs and replacement

Gutters, Flashings etc.

Repairs, maintenance and installation of gutters, downpipes, flashings, bullnosing and other roof components

Roof painting

Expert roof preparation and painting with high quality paint products


Cladding repairs, maintenance, replacement and painting

Roof waterproofing

Waterproofing of your roof will prevent and handle roof leaks. This includes tracing and sealing to handle existing leaks

Rust control

Roof rust, roof corrosion control


Roof skylight and translucent sheeting maintenance and repairs and replacement

Roof Insulation

Replacement and installation of roof insulation

Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Better Customer Support

  • To deliver the best Roof Repair Services, we will perform a full inspection and evaluation of your roof and provide you with the exact correct specifications and detailed quote to repair, maintain and restore your roof.
  • All our workmanship and materials are backed with a genuine guarantee and after sales service.
  • We work in coordination with our clients so there is minimal disruption and inconvenience to their production and schedules.

Industrial & Commercial Roofing Specialists