We are one hundred percent committed to safe sites and are therefore fully compliant with all South African Occupational Health & Safety legislation and regulations and work with a comprehensive safety management system in place. We have an appointed reputable and independent Health & Safety consultant who audits our Health & Safety system and practices on an ongoing basis so that we are consistently up to date and compliant on all Heath and Safety matters. All our sales representatives and site staff are trained and updated on Health and Safety on an ongoing basis and have current certificates of compliance. We work cooperatively with our clients to ensure all their Health & Safety requirements are met. Our clients can be assured that top quality work will be done with all Health & Safety requirements in place.

Quality Fix Roofing meets the following Health and Safety requirements not only for construction works but also for working at heights:

  • Our company always has a current Workmen’s Compensation Certificate (COID) on site. View our current WCA Certificate here.
  • Each project has its own unique Health and Safety File which contains all current certificates, letters of appointment, Risk Assessments (HIRA), Fall Protection Plans, Safe Works Procedures, Material Safety Data Sheets and more. Please contact us for more information on the contents of our H&S Files.
  • All of our staff have current Working at Heights Medicals which certifies that a medical professional has cleared each staff member as medically fit to work at heights.
  • Qualified First Aid staff are present on each site at all times.
  • All site workers have Fall Arrest Technician Level 1 Training (Unit Standard ID: 229998)
  • We also have Fall Arrest Technicians with Level 2 Training (Unit Standard ID: 229995) on site who are trained in Rescue at Heights and Rescue Kits are located on each site at all times.
  • Roof works are conducted using Fall Protection equipment (safety harnesses, life lines etc) and the relevant inspection registers are located on each site.

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