Mission Statement:

To professionally and ethically service our clients with excellent quality specialized roof repairs and maintenance & roof restoration, thus extending the lifespan of our clients’ roof, maximising the return on our client’s property investment and saving them money. 

Best Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Quality Fix Roofing was established officially in 1993 and has been in operation as a Closed Corporation since 1996.

With over 20 years of experience, we are leading roofing contractors specializing in the field of large industrial and commercial roofing projects, roof repairs and maintenance, roof restoration and roof painting.

We are committed to a high standard of customer service, establishing and maintaining a good cooperative working relationship with our clients and have a long proven track record of top quality service and workmanship delivered on time with guaranteed quality and client satisfaction.

We have worked extensively with experts (*S.A.B.S, C.S.I.R, etc.) in the roofing and corrosion fields and incorporated their specifications and advices into a number of our specifications to establish an exceptionally workable and cost effective approach to long term roof maintenance and repairs. This enables our clients to significantly prolong the life of their roof and avoid hefty roof replacement costs. Our mission has been to make roof maintenance a genuine investment for our clients and we have succeeded at this.

As well we also have extensive experience in successfully project managing large multi-million-dollar roof contracts requiring the expertise of a number of specialist subcontractors and consultants.

Top Products

We use only reputable suppliers with top quality products.

Our paint suppliers provide first rate quality paint products and can also provide guarantees.

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

Industrial & Commercial Roofing Specialists